Temple Deities and Artifacts
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  •  The Western Three Saints and the Four Heavenly Kings are Japanese-style Buddha statues exported. They are finely carved from raw log. The statues of Western Three saints are majestic and confident. Their facial expressions are quiet and benevolent and their bodies are plump and strong. The carvings are smooth and poised with a standing posture, showing their great compassion, joy, mercy and freedom from suffering.

     In the early days of Buddhism, the statues of the Heavenly Kings were mostly carved into a quiet and prestigious style. Later, they were gradually transformed into an angry and dynamic style during the introduction in the Han Dynasty. These Four Heavenly Kings, in the original version of a mighty, angry, tight-textured and highly stretched posture, are carved with rough carving skills. It is intended to emphasize the boldness of a soldier. The main idea is to express the toughness and bravery.

     Taiwanese are passionate and devout for folk shrines and temples. They are willing to make contribution for the decoration of temple buildings, and they are also willing to pay lots of money in the decoration of tabernacles. The traditional decoration method of the tabernacles is relatively simple, and it is mostly decorated with woodcarving works. In recent times, after the economy was booming in Taiwan, the tabernacles were mostly decorated in the form of temple eaves. The method is to install a woodcarving dangled flower mesh on the top of the tabernacles and openwork windows and dragon pillars on both sides. The dragon pillars located in front of both sides are therefore particularly emphasized. They are often carved in the shape of stone dragon pillars with a more delicate style.

     Taiwan’s folk religion is diverse and plural. Some are inherited from primitive natural worship, ancestral worship, and witchcraft beliefs from ancient China and some are from the influence of traditional Confucianism. The doctrines from the Buddhist and Taoist religions have also been subtly integrated into the connotations of folk religion.

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