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Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum

The tradition of Taiwan wood sculpture derived from the same origins as the Fujianese and Cantonese during the dynasties of Ming and Ching. Tainan, Lugang and Dasi had once been in prosperity. Until the periods of Japanese occupation, there was increasing trend in the wood sculpture industry in Tungsiao and Sanyi of the Miaoli County, Fongyuan of Taichung and Wanhua of Taipei. Later, during the 60As, after Taiwan return to the Republic of China, owing to abundant resource of camphor, Sanyi has become internationally famous as The City of Wood Sculpture. Originally regarded as Sanyi Wood Sculpture Arts Gallery, this museum was built by the Construction Department, Taiwan Provincial Government in March 1990 in its aim to promote the arts of wood sculpture.


Under the jurisdiction of the Miaoli County Cultural and Tourism Bureau, this wood sculpture museum was opened to public on 9th April 1995. It is the only public museum in Taiwan that is based on wood sculpture.


The exhibition halls of the museum are found on Level 2,3 and 4 of the second building ,and Level 1,Level 2,and Basement of the mainbuilding. The 9 themes of exhibition include The Introduction of Wood Sculpture, the Styles of Each ChineseDynasty, Austronesian Tribe Wood Sculpture, The Origins of Sanyi Wood Sculpture, Wood Sculpture Exhibition Hall, Temples Deities, Architecture & Furniture, Exhibition of Mix Media, and Invitational Exhibition. Each of the themes is carefully divided into different contents, each with concrete presentation of the beauty of wood sculpture for the publics first-hand experience on the application and arts of the wood sculpture.


In order to achieve sustainable operations and to materialize the bringing into full play of the museumAs educational function, in May 2003 the expansion on the storeroom for permanent collections and preservation of wood sculpture was completed. In addition, the spaces for education, exhibition and information on wood sculpture were increased in the aim to bring into full play of the museumAs functions in research and promotion, which in turn would enhance development of the art of wood sculptures in Taiwan.


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