Beauty of Delicate Wood Carving
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  •  In the 1980s, as the domestic economic environment improved, the main consumer market of Sanyi's woodcarving industry turned to the domestic middle class and wealthy merchants and focused on local themes and marvelous wood carving.

     At this time, wood carving artisans in Sanyi were also thinking about how to transform woodcarving from crafts into a more artistic expression. Artisans have started to develop delicate woodcarving skills. Most of the works in this period are based on the local themes, accurately presenting the scenes of rural life in Taiwan. Faced with the large number of woodcarving works imported from China and Southeast Asian, Sanyi's woodcarving artisans have faced a great dilemma since 1990, therefore they turned to creations in order to distinguish themselves from the mainland woodcarving works in styles. The Wood Sculpture Museum was established in 1995. In addition to holding woodcarving competitions, professors from the academic are also invited to teach the concept of contemporary aesthetics and creation, introduce the three-dimensional creation of other countries in the world, expand the vision of Sanyi woodcarving artisans, and stimulate and enrich the creative scenario. These artistic works are the Collections and award-winning works of the Taiwan International Wood Carving Competition held over the years. Through the continuous woodcarving competitions, they provide a platform for woodcarving artisans to learn from each other. It is expected from the competitions of wood carving works that under the impact of the globalization wave, wood carving artisans in Taiwan can advance with the times on the basis of tradition to create uniqueness and resonate with the real life.

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