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  •  The Wood Sculpture Museum is committed to promoting the art of woodcarving and making efforts to sustain the traditional woodcarving art. From 2006 to 2019, twelve times of "Wood Carving Training Camp" were held. In 2014, a "traditional wood carving Camps held, and in 2019, a "chiseled flower advanced workshop" was held. It is expected that the traditional superb craftsmanship will be passed on to the new generation of woodcarving artisans.

     In addition to the woodcarving industry established by the long-term efforts of industry, government, and academic, young students join to continue to create and study hard, creating a new generation of woodcarving art at this time. In 2018, it was renamed as "Asian Young Wood Carving Art Workshop" and expected that the cultivation of new talents will go beyond Taiwan and to the Asian region. Starting from Sanyi and going international, it will become the world's leading center of wood carving art.

     Each of the wood carving art workshops is held for 25 days, and the course is highly intense and diverse, which lays a solid foundation in wood carving art for students.

     The excellent faculty, as well as the new generation of teaching skills and creative gathering, helps in promoting the education and Taiwan's wood carving industry, expanding the young generation's vision of wood carving art, and strengthening the development of the wood carving art industry. The young students and the second generation of woodcarving art, who have been educated in the arts department of the university, have become the new generation of woodcarving artisans. They frequently won the international wood carving competitions in the past years. They wrote a new page for woodcarving in Taiwan and we look forward to the beauty of woodcarving art to pass on to the future.

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