Forest Area and Wood Carving of Southern Island
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  •  The indigenous people in Taiwan is culturally and linguistically belong to the Austronesian Linguistic Family. Academics call them Austronesian People.

     This exhibition area displays the carving art of the indigenous people in Taiwan and illustrates the use of wooden utensils in life and culture.

     Dadala–Dadala is a unique boat and made by the Tau tribe on the island of Lanyu off the southeast of Taitung. Tau means “people” in their language.

     The hull is decorated with bas-reliefs and painted in white, red and black. Traditionally, pigments have been formulated with plants, berries, shells, red clay, and pot-bottom black ash. In modern times, they adoptregular paint as a painting material. The painted decoration of the hull has a fixed pattern and configuration, and the concentric circles with radial patterns are called "boat eyes", so that the sailing ships can see the direction and the school of fish. The figure of the ship's hull was derived from the legendary warrior who taught Tau the shipbuilding and farming skills.

     In this exhibition room, two imitation Aboriginal totem poles show how the wood carving shape the identity of self in the tribal culture. The square totem pole is an ancestor sculpture of the Paiwan tribe in Taiwan; the cylindrical shape is a totem pole that imitates the North American Indian, and shows a very different style from that of the indigenous people in Taiwan with its deep relief skills.

     In the creation myth of the Paiwan tribe in Taiwan, it is said that the Chinese moccasin snake was the ancestor of the Paiwan tribe. The wood carving totem pole at the entrance and exit of the aristocratic house, the main totem pole inside the house, the truss under the eaves, and the interior siding will all be engraved with the Chinese moccasin snake pattern. The carving technique is bas-relief and it retains the original color of the wood.

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