Introduction of the Second Building and the Fourth
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  •  "Woodcarving Museum" is like a large woodcarving artwork. From the perspective of the building's appearance, the angle of the building's tilt is like a force downward into the ground, cutting out the space, and showing the idea of force.Theheavy construction creates virtual sense of discontinuous spaces due to cutting. The light and cold materials of steel and glass are used to express the beauty of various material fusion. Now we invite the audience to the Wood Carving Museum to walk around the space and feel the delicate atmosphere in the Second Building. You can also gently touch the architectural concrete wall of wood grain to add up the sense of touch onto the visual enjoyment.

     In the space design of the "Wood Sculpture Museum", the Second Building displays the annual thematic exhibitions, international exchange exhibitions, solo exhibitions of innovative thinking of contemporary woodcarving art furniture, and exhibitions of living creative supplies that use wood as the creative material. The planning of the exhibition attempts to show an international vision through the care for the local wood carving industry. The high-rise space and natural lighting create a minimal and grand stage for the works.

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