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  • Home of Wood Carving Art – Sanyi
     Sanyi Township of Miaoli County is a small town surrounded by mountains. The acid clay soil here is the most suitable soil for the growth of camphor. The roots of camphor are shallow and outspreaded. With the corrosion of termites’ nests, they have imperceptibly become pieces of art with natural beauty.

     The development of Taiwan's wood carving art is unprecedentedly great with countless talents creating a whole new industrial culture. Under this scenario, Sanyi has become synonymous with wood carving art.

    Named After Wood Carving Art – Wood Carving Street
    In Sanyi, Woodcarving Street is the most attractive window. Shuimei Street which is known for its wood carvings, is 500 meters long and has hundreds of wood carving art shops, showing a great collection of beautiful art works. While the masters create the new looks and lifeof the wood at the back of the shop, the wood fragrance permeates the entire shop.  Whether the tourists appreciate or purchase the artworks, they have participated in the change of the Sanyi wood carving industry.

    Marvelous Carving Village
    In Marvelous Carving Village, located on a hillside, the sound of wood carving is everywhere on the streets. The community is composed with creation, exhibition and life. In addition to the elegant life style, it also provides tourists another way to experience the integration of art into their daily life.

    Heritage and Development of Wood Carving Art-Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum 
    In addition to geographical conditions and humanistic development, the stage where woodcarving art can be fully displayed, the Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museumplays an important role in the heritage and development of the woodcarving art.

     The "Sanyi Wood Sculpture Art Exhibition Hall" was built in March of 1990 by the Construction Department of the Taiwan Provincial Government to promote wood carving art. In May of the same year, based on the important construction item of the Strengthening Cultural Construction Scheme - "Developing a Local Feature Museum", the Cultural Construction Committee of the Executive Yuan selected Sanyi Township of Miaoli County to take wood carving as a local feature and set up a special wood sculpture museum ,which was approved as an important cultural construction in April of 1992.

     Regarding the overall appearance of the Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum, the space is divided vertically and sharply while the wallsis presented with rough horizontal stripes. The wall of the exhibition space is made of architectural concrete with wood grain, and framed by wooden strips and pebbles. It cuts the space with substantial and virtual techniques, echoes the art of wood carving with natural wood grain, uses neutral

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